What does the star mean on apple music?

If you’re a frequent user of Apple Music, you may have noticed that some songs have a little star next to them. What does this mean?

Apple has previously explained why a Star actually appears in Apple Music, however, that doesn’t seem to have satisfied the users. This is because the company has only offered a brief statement saying that these are simply Hot Tracks.
If you’re wondering why Apple Music’s “Star” icon appears next to some tracks and not others, it’s because it’s not a rating system. Instead, Apple has explained that this is just a way for the company to identify popular tracks.

Apple Music has a lot of cool features—including the ability to create playlists for every mood, activity, and occasion—but Hot Tracks is one of its most popular features. These are songs that have been played on Apple Music the most frequently over the past week, month or year. The more often they’re played, the higher they rank in popularity on the app.

So it’s pretty simple: if you want to listen to popular music, just tap on any song with a star next to it!

We know the Star Icon is assigned based on how many times a track has been played by users, but unfortunately, there isn’t any specific number of plays that will ensure your favorite song receives one, so keep playing!

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