How to Install Alexa on Windows 10

Alexa! How do I install you on Windows 10? This sounds like a tricky question to solve. However, the solution is quite simple. What follows is a short tutorial that will help you to learn how to install Alexa on a Windows 10 computer.

For those who have used Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana and compared it with Amazon’s voice assistant known as Alexa, you may have been disappointed by Cortana’s poor performance compared to Alexa. Of course, this does not mean that Cortana is a weak voice assistant. Still, the user experience of these two competitors is different and both companies are improving their smart assistants daily. Fortunately, it’s been a while since Amazon released Alexa as a standalone application for Windows 10. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to install Alexa on a desktop computer or laptop running Windows 10 operating system.

In Windows 10 you can download and install Alexa directly from Microsoft Store.

To do so, you will need a Microsoft account so you can download Windows applications from the Windows 10 app store. After opening the link above, click the “Get in Store app” button. Note when your browser asks your permission to open the link using Microsoft Store, grant access by clicking on the “Open Microsoft Store” button from the popped-up dialog box.

Click on “Get” to start the process.

Visit Microsoft Store and search for “Alexa”

Now that the installation process is complete, you can open the app. If you have an Amazon account, log in using your credential but if you don’t, just go to and create a new account.

Alexa’s welcome page on Windows

When you log in to your Amazon account, Alexa will ask you to go through a quick setup process. Note that to use Alexa on a PC or laptop, your computer must have a microphone; otherwise, Alexa will not enter the preparation step. If you want Alexa to always wait for your commands, activate the hands-free mode option. Otherwise, you will have to use Alexa manually. You can also set Alexa to start working when Windows starts up.

To uninstall the Amazon voice assistant from your computer, you can either delete it from the apps section of Windows 10 Settings or go through the traditional Add/Remove Programs method. For the latter method, open the search section of Windows 10, type add or remove programs in the search box and select Add or Remove Programs. After opening this program, simply select the program you want to get rid of and click Remove to uninstall it permanently.